Dr. Marjee Chmiel is a writer, researcher, educator and media creator working to advance understanding and care for people and nature through storytelling. She has produced award winning stories in a wide range of formats including video games, documentary film, comics, animated series, and articles and essays.

Marjee has led the development and evaluation of digital platforms and programs for learning and engagement for organizations like PBS, National Geographic, and the Smithsonian Institution. Her doctoral thesis explored how science teachers are engaging in media production and storytelling on TeacherTube. She currently serves as the Director of Evaluation for impact productions at Tangled Bank Studios and HHMI’s Biointeractive program and science journalism initiatives.  

Alongside working on media and learning in the U.S. Chimel has also served as a Fulbright Specialist with the Southeast Asian Association of Ministries of Science Education consulting on development of science literacy in Indonesia and Malaysia, and worked on collaborations around science education initiatives for global development in Chile.

Marjee is a Lecturer for the University of Maryland College of Information where she teaches interdisciplinary research methods graduate seminars. She started her career teaching chemistry and physics to middle and high school students in Wisconsin.