Forcibly pried out of my pre-natal nirvana during the coldest and bleakest month of a Chicago winter in 1976, I spent much of my childhood in a karmic balance between my wonderful, doting, family and the meanest, pettiest, rudest buncha Catholics that have ever assembled to run a “school” on the Northwest Side. Since that time, I have garnered knowledge and skills that have proved themselves to be of some economic value and worth in society.

So that worked out. Among these knowledge and skills I count: speaking in complete sentences, acid and base stoichiometry, driving a car like a calm, rational, actor, HTML and CSS, some Spanish, Fluent Polish, and treating people as though they are individuals worthy of patience and dignity.

I have the world’s best husband and dogs. I don’t eat animals. Public education is the most important thing in the world to me. I love science, art, and history. I only miss believing in an after-life when I realize it means I will never get to ice skate on the rings of Saturn. Otherwise, I’m happy I’m here and I worry a lot about what we can do to make everyone feel the same.

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