“Luci’s Let Down is a beautifully told and illustrated story of the fall of Lucifer from a different point of view. It asks some wonderful philosophical questions and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a unique read.”

Beth Scorzato , of Spandxless

“It turns Luci’s ever-present ennui into something that grabs your lungs and crushes the air out of them. At least, that’s what it did to me.”

Grant Goodman, of Dust Jacket Dispatch

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About the Book

Written by Marjee Chmiel and illustrated by Sandra Lanz, Luci’s Let Down is about the alienation that creative and skilled professionals face in corporate culture, a culture that too often devalues craftsmanship and holds profits over principles. It’s also about the creation of the universe, the extinction of the dinosaurs, and the other side of the canonical dispute between God and Lucifer.

As art director for God, Luci has found herself let down again and again with the tasks entrusted to her: creating life is tough stuff, and for a boss as critical and unappreciative as the Big Man himself, it’s particularly difficult to remain in the spotlight for long. Yet with this latest project, she intends to realize her vision, and ensure her place in the echelon of time-honored creators. Witty, funny, and certainly touching, Luci’s Let Down is a familiar story told before, but never like this.

The book is 58 pages, black and white with full color front and back covers. After raising $2,800 from 105 backers on Kickstarter the book debuted at SPX 2011, with appearances at the 2012 APE and MoCCA cons. The book was a finalist for three Stumptown Comic Artist Awards, Best Small Press, Best Publication Design, and Best New Talent.  In its first year the book has sold over 300 copies.