Doctoral Portfolio

Section 1: Goal Description

A.Original Goal Statement
B.2010 Goal Statements-Portfolio 1
C.2011 Goal Statements-Portfolio2
D. Goal Statements-Final Portfolio
E.Representation of conceptual framework
F.Curriculum Vitae

Section 2: Coursework Experiences and Plans

A. Proposed Program of Study (updated for Portfolio 2, unchanged for Final Portfolio)
B. Self-reflective description of previous and current coursework (Updated for Final Portfolio)
C. Unofficial GMU Transcripts, Overview of relevant non-GMU graduate studies, and University of Wisconsin Transcripts

Section 3: Research Experiences and Plans

Research conducted and competencies built

Section 4: Professional Experiences and Plans

Self-reflective description of previous and current teaching/counseling/ leadership activities.

Section 5: Evidence of Analytical and Integrative Thinking

List of course papers, extended literature reviews, theoretical analyses, research and professional publication and evidence of scholarly, analytical, and integrative thinking

Section 6: Documentation of Academic and Professional Growth

Section 7: Initial Dissertation Planning