Below are examples of video games created under the direction of Marjee Chmiel. For each of these games Marjee drafted requirements and design documents, served as a subject matter expert or a liaison to subject matter experts and oversaw their development.

Shutterbugs: Wiggle and Stomp

Shutterbugs teaches students how to describe movement and motion while visiting rare animals at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. Each animal has coloring-page printouts, so you can print and color your favorite critter.


BumperDucks is an educational physical science game that will help teach players about what happens when two objects collide and how mass impacts the acceleration of an object.

Energy City

A resource management game that demonstrates the strengths and limitations of energy technologies.


Simulation game that probes concepts like trophic levels, food web, and competition where students design an invasive species and release it into an environment.

Coaster Creator

Simulation game that demonstrates the conversion of gravity to motion; potential and kinetic energy.

Transform it!

Puzzle-type game that demonstrates how energy transfers and transforms, and how this impacts efficiency.

Operation: Resilient Planet

An adventure game illustrating major learning objectives in middle-school ecology through the lens of authentic work of real scientists.